Health Care Jobs: The future

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For those planning to begin working in the health care field in the next few years, what is the outlook? Will there be jobs? Where exactly will the jobs be?

Yes, there will be jobs in Healthcare because the field is expected to grow in the next few years. In a news release dated February, 2012, the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) predicts that the industries with the fastest job growth between now and 2020 will be in “health care, personal care, and social assistance, and construction.”(1). The USDOL suggests that job growth will increase 14.3 percent, amounting to 20.5 million jobs (USDOL 1). Health and social assistance jobs are expected to have the most growth, 5.6 million.

Take a look at the United States Department of Labor web site and read about the projections for many different health care positions here:

There are several reasons for this projected growth, especially in health care.

1) One reason is a slower population growth, which amounts to a smaller overall labor wforce (USDOL 1). With the elderly population growing, there will be demand for more workers in health care.

To take a look at the what the future in Geriatric care looks like, here is a video called The Future of Geriatric Care by Dr. Chad Boult, M.D. of Johns Hopkins University:

2) Another reason for the projected growth in health care is that by 2020, the baby boom generation will completely be in the 55 and older category, and those left in the “prime age working group” (ages 24-54) will drop to 67 percent of the total labor force (USDOL 1). This leaves a gap to fill and creates opportunities for people to enter the health care work force.

3) Another factor in the demand for health workers is the “increased use of innovative medical technology for intensive diagnosis and treatment” ( 1). People specializing in these technologies will be in demand.

This outlook is good for those considering careers in health care. Health Care extimates there will be 4,700, 000 new health care jobs by 2014, and more workers will still be needed. ( ) is a good site to investigate for those considering entering the health field but who still need to narrow down what exactly they want to do in health care. The site provides a good chart for job projections for specific health occupations. For example, they show that clinical lab technicians and technologists positions are expected to grow by 69,000 by 2014, and growth replacement will be 150,000 (3). Registered nurses will grow by 703,000 by 2014, with a growth replacement of 1,203,000. They show may more healthcare related occupations; take a look if you are considering a career in health care.

Do you have any other good suggestions for sites to review if one is considering a career in health care?

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