Working in AAT

When you think of health care workers what do you picture?  Most likely a nurse, doctors, aids, surgical technicians, etc.  While these are the more prominent positions in health care, there are still many people employed in the “health care industry”.

Last week I discussed the topic of Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) and how it is beneficial to patients in the road to recovery, whatever their illness might be.  Animals are great ways to help relieve patients in a time of turmoil.  But who are the people that train the animals? Who brings these animals into facilities?  Most likely they are veterinary technicians with a certification in AAT.  Having not only a degree in veterinary technology, but having a specific certification in AAT can open up a whole new world of employment opportunities.  AAT is not limited to veterinary technicians.  Anyone can become a licensed AAT – this includes teachers, social workers, basically anyone interested in this type of work.

While AAT is usually run by non-profit groups, AAT’s are paid, but the hospitals and care centers that participate in these programs are not charged, leading to a more inexpensive way to help care for their patients.  At a time when even the most reputable hospitals are struggling to pay for new technologies to keep up with patient care as well as paying their employees, AAT can be a great way to not only help patients, but also the medical facilities themselves in regards to cutting costs.  Here we have a wonderful, proven way to help patients in their recovery or over all well-being and it costs them (and the places they are admitted to) virtually nothing!

With this great use of therapy and it’s low cost to medical facilities, more and more institutions are jumping on the AAT bandwagon.  This in turn, is causing a higher demand for AAT technicians!  In today’s economy, what could be better than being able to employ a large group of people who provide love and care for those who are not required to pay for it?

For more information on obtaining a certificate in Animal Assisted Therapy, you can visit:

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